Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wanton Mee @ Bukit Pasir

The stall owner has run his business for more than 10 years period and his stall was previously located near Majlis Perbandaran Bukit Pasir (I’m not really sure where is it, probably near KFC stall) and it was actually located under the tree. I wasn’t really sure also what made him moved to his current location but I’m sure that people who likes the wanton noodle would not really affected by the location.
到底这一碗“历史悠久”的云吞面有什么特色呢?说实在的,即便我常常来到武吉巴西,我也从未听闻过这家店,但有一些麻坡人却是实实在在地听说且喜欢这一个档口。对于常年居住在武吉巴西的居民更不再话下,他们想比是对这个档口决不陌生。我们两人只点了一盘云吞面,而伴随着云吞面而来的云吞汤里只有一颗云吞:O, 2颗鱼丸 和一颗猪肉丸。我们两人一致认为说这真是个奇怪的组合因为我们不是点了份云吞面吗?那云吞也真的是有点小得可怜。我们摄影小姐把那云吞给吃了,而她的讲评是,“皮有点太厚了,而且不完全可以吃到里面的馅”。我个人觉得这云吞的形,色,味都是符合一般麻坡云吞面的标准。只有佳佳云吞面的云吞特别不一样吧 :X
What is so special about this wanton noodle? Honestly, I never heard about this wanton noodle before but somehow, it is famous among some Muarians and not to mentioned residents who are living in Bukit Pasir. Both of us just ordered one wanton noodle and it served only one wanton :O, 2 fishballs and 1 meatball. Two of us thought this was a weird combination because weren’t we ordered “WANTON” noodles? The wanton was also ridiculously small and according to Ms. Photographer who actually ate the wanton, “The skin was too thick and also can’t really eat the meat”. I think this is actually a wanton standard set by all wanton noodle sellers at Muar. There’s only Jia Jia selling larger wanton (compare to Muar average standard) :X
我们点了原味云吞面(无辣椒)而我出乎我想象外的喜欢它的面。是因为我太久没有吃原位的云吞面了吗?我觉得不。我喜欢它因为面条煮得刚好,有嚼劲,有油性而且没有很重的面条味。云吞面里的黑酱油恰恰好地掩盖了云吞面本身的“面条味”。虽然我在30分钟前刚吃完一盘叉烧饭,但我还是能把半盘的云吞面给吃了。贪吃的本性 =.=
We ordered a no-chilli-added wanton noodle and surprisingly, I like the noodle they served. Is it because I haven’t eaten original no chilli wanton for ages? I like it because the noodle was just nice, chewy, oily and also no strong “noodle” taste. The soy sauce was perfectly covered the taste carried along with the noodle. Although I had eaten a char siew rice 30 minutes ago, I can still finish half plate of the wanton noodle! Glutton me =.=
Ms. Photopgrapher also ordered and took away one wanton noodle for her mum and I found out that the boss ladies put 3 wantons in that package! I also realized that we can actually choose some “yong dao fu” ingredients as well. Maybe this explains why we got meatballs and fishballs instead of wanton.
So if you have decided to go either this wanton noodle or the char siew rice which we had recommended, then why don’t just make it combo combo? Go for both then :) 
总计 Total: RM3.00

Bukit Pasir Wanton Mee (大树下云吞面)

Closed: Sunday

Operating hours: 12pm-5:30pm

Contact number: 012-6778870

Location: Jalan Panchor, Taman Bukit Pasir, 84300 Bukit Pasir, Muar, Johor.

GPS Coordinates: 2.0992311, 102.640541

Written by: LTL
Photograph by: STT


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