Friday, November 1, 2013

Fish Soup @ Jalan Salleh

Have you tried fish porridge, fish meehun or even fish kuey tiao before? Was it in any of the hawker centre?


I hardly order any soupy based fish dishes in the food court because I think meehun, kuey tiao or porridge aren't satisfied my appetite. You might ask how about fish soup with rice, then if I would preferably choose chicken rice or char siew rice instead because I kinda think that fish soup with rice is quite tasteless for me. Haha! Besides, I also thought that the price for these all fish-based dishes are eventually higher than other food. The price of RM5 is considered quite expensive for the lunch cost at Muar.

说了那么一段的开场白后,好吧。Muarkaki 今天去到了一家专卖以鱼汤为主食,并提供你四种配搭:粿条,饭,粥,米粉的一家店。想必麻坡的人都应该听说过麻坡等很久的红绿灯?对,它是在那红绿灯之前的一家店,位于Jalan Salleh的路上。它就是那么地小小不起眼,却无声无息地在那呆了快三十年。
老板和老板娘大约九点半就开店了。档口附近也供应了不少座位供食客们在那用食。由于泊车位真的有限,所以大多数的客人都选择打包外带。我和Stt 今天算是冒着大雨来吃午餐。我们选择了在那里用餐。我点了一份鱼肉米粉而Stt则点了鱼粥。哦对了,我们还外加了两片豆干。
After crapping for so long, okay, back to the topic. Muarkaki went to the stall that only sells fish-soup based dishes. You can match your fish soup with 4 add-ons: kuey tiao, rice, porridge and meehun. You sure heard of the longest ever waiting traffic light? Yes, this stall is located before the particular traffic light which is along Jalan Salleh. Although it's small, it has been there for almost 30 years.
The boss and the boss lady open the stall since 930am. There are also a lot of dining tables provided for their customers. Since the parking space is really limited, most customers would rather just take away their food. Stt and I came here for lunch even though it was raining heavily. I ordered a fish meehun while stt ordered a fish porridge, and ya, we ordered two marinated tofu as well!

鱼肉米粉汤 Bee Hoon Fish Soup
鱼粥 Fish Porridge
卤豆干 Stewed tofu

当我看到鱼肉米粉和鱼粥,饥饿淋肠的我只想马上动筷。但你也知道,不可能。当一系列的照片拍完后,我也终于开始吃我的午餐了。整体的鱼肉米粉还算okay,老板娘也觉不吝啬地给了各个食客们很多的鱼肉。汤头了有很多潮州人惯用的冬菜。但很可惜的是,这一碗鱼肉米粉并没有给我一种吃饱了的感觉。我和Stt 还甚至想说到隔壁档吃别的食物。由于Stt在这之前已经尝过了鱼汤拌饭,所以和今天的鱼粥相较之下,她比较喜欢那天的鱼汤拌饭。我觉得她的鱼粥味道和我的鱼汤米粉比较起来的话也是有点淡的。老板娘精心熬制的卤豆干很蛮不错,很到位!

When I first saw the food, I was so excited and I almost want to eat it right away. But how possible was it? I can only start eating after a series of photo session. I felt like the soup wasn't hot and warm enough and I'm not sure whether is it because we missed the best opportunity to eat it due to photo session. Overall, the fish meehun was okay and the fish was really a lot with the price we paid. The soup has a lot of dong cai (eng name??) which is preferably used by Teow Chew residents. Too bad the portion of both dishes wasn't big and both of us were full at all. We almost thought of going to the next stall to have our second round! Stt had tried both fish porridge and fish soup with rice. She prefers fish soup with rice more because it carries more taste and much yummy! I also prefer my fish meehun because the fish porridge is abit tasteless for me. The marinated tofu was really good because the lady boss had put lots of effort in it.

Jalan Salleh 可能是一条你回家必经的路,但你吃过他的鱼粥吗?我想说如果有一天你心血来潮想吃鱼粥或任何鱼肉食物的话,不妨来试试这档口的潮州家乡味吧!
Oh yes, the most important fact is, these all fish porridge and fish meehun are cost only RM4!! Super cheap!
Jalan salleh could be a path that you will pass by everyday, but have u tried this before? If let say you are craving for it one day, come try this teoh chew homestyle's dishes ya!

Teochew Style Fish Soup

Closed: Every Tuesday

Operating hours: 10am-3pm

Contact number: 06-951 4596

Location: No.159, Jalan Salleh, 84000 Muar, Johor.

GPS Coordinates: 2.060472, 102.575278
Written by: LTL
Photograph by: STT
Accompanied by: LCH

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