Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quan Wei Asam Fish

So as to cater for the growing demands of Muar Kaki’s readers, here comes the very first entry in English! Hooray!

Everyone has their own interpretation and standards for Assam Fish. Quan Wei Assam Fish comes in the reddish assam soup with no surprise. The assam soup was good but not extraordinarily satisfying as it was too mild to my preference, maybe it’s more suitable for people who can’t take the heat! However, it was compensated by the sweet tenderness of the Red Snapper fish (you can make your own choice of fish).

Their signature Golden Tofu was appetizing. Deep fried Japanese tofu with some salty fish bits sprinkled on top has made a perfect combination. The seasoning is just nice to my taste though I’d imagine a thicker and more flavorful sauce.
全味的马来风光 并无带来惊喜,平平凡凡。蕹菜的熟度刚好,美中不足的是爆香不足的虾米和叁巴辣椒酱。
Kangkung Belacan (stir fry water spinach with spicy sambal)is another all-time favorite of Muarians. The kangkung belacan served here was suitably crunchy but not as flavorful as I thought.

All in all food was good but not fantastic. Three dishes served with rice and homemade herbal teas for two were satisfying. The dining experience was good. The prices here don’t burn your pockets but it’s more expensive than restaurants of similar quality. 
两人三份,白饭两盘,外加凉茶二杯,虽觉得饱,但却不腻!出菜时间稍慢,价钱也比一般餐馆贵少许, 但胜在食材新鲜,诚意十足,环境舒适
Food served here might not be the best you could find in town, but the fact that the dishes are on the less greasy and less salty sides means you could frequent without worrying the extra cholesterol! It could well be a place to visit sometimes sooner rather than later. 
亚参鱼 Assam fish: RM13.80
金沙豆腐 Golden Toufu: RM8.00
马来风光 Kangkung Belacan: RM6.00
米饭 Rice: RM1.80
凉茶 Herbal tea: RM2.00
总计 Total: RM31.60

Quan Wei Asam Fish

Closed: Every tuesday (updated as at 6th August 2013)

Operating hours: 9am-10pm

Contact number: 06-951 2788

Location: No. 6, Jalan Perdana 12, Taman Junid Perdana, Jalan Abdul Rahman, 84000 Muar, Johor.

GPS Coordinates: 2.033389, 102.565

Written by: WHC
Photograph by: STT

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