Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T&S Fusion Burger @ Jalan Daud

When you hear about the burger sold by chinese in muar, would you straight away thought of the one along Bentayan street (outside Zense)? No, no... Not only there.
The one we just went today was a Chinese stall opposite Witchery Ider. I knew about this stall from Facebook, but I only realized that it only sells pork burger once I reached there. I personally think that the greatest selling point of this stall is their homemade bun.

韩式全麦面包 Korean style wholewheat bun
They have started their business for 1 month, and if not mistaken, they have tried to bake 3 different kind of bun with their innovation. These 3 types of bun are original, wholewheat and Korean style wholewheat bun (we tried this!) Haha, the Korean style wholewheat bun sounds cool, isn't? The Korean style chilli powder has added into the bun and this was what made it tasted differently from the rest. The chilli powder was slightly spicy and it gave you a totally different taste of burger.

 沙爹酱猪肉汉堡 Satay Flavored Pork Burger
 Black Pepper Flavored Pork Burger 黑胡椒猪肉汉堡
We ordered the only two items on the menu: Satay and black pepper-flavored pork burger.
The burger wasn't warm when we got the burger on our hands. It wasn't even heated to be precise. Well, I wasn't sure whether it was because we hold the burger too long for photography purpose or was it just because it was best consumed while it was not hot/warm? We thought the burger will taste better if the bun is heated up. The texture of the homemade bun is much firm than the typical commercial bun, so you can definitely feel the sincerity of the Chef when you have a bite of it.

我心想,如果这汉堡的mayonnaise 沙拉(好像是包菜和红萝卜)能以大葱,mustard和一些生菜取代,那味道应该会更让人垂涎。不好意思,最近有一点crave for mustard.
The pork burger has a thick patty, and it can for sure fix your cravings. All sauces (black pepper & satay) are home made, and honestly we don't have much comment on them. All of us prefer the black pepper pork burger though.

I thought the burger would taste even better if the mayonnaise salad is replaced with the onion,mustard and lettuce. Yumm..I'm craving for mustard recently :P
Besides, this stall also has kept with good hygiene. Like how? The glove was on while they were preparing the burger! This is pretty different from how some burger stalls served their burgers with just bare hands. Keep in mind the hands who are preparing your burger might have just touched money before it :X
Overall, the burger is average. But if you are bored of chicken, beef or even fish burger, then you can try out this pork burger!!

Price: RM4.90

T&S Fusion Burger  (Jalan Daud)

Operating hours: 7pm -  12am

Closed: Every Wednesday

Contact number: 012-611 9216

Location: Jalan Daud, Muar. (Opposite Witchery Ider Cafe) 六马路

GPS Coordinates: 2.046917, 102.570556
Written and photograph by: STT
Translated by (english): LTL
Accompanied by: SCP

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