Thursday, September 12, 2013

Handmade Pau @ Jalan Sakeh

晚上十点,我来到了家包店。家包店没有特大的招牌,它只有一个简简单单写着“手工包”的牌匾投身在Jalan Sakeh 的路上 (Espresso Bar 隔壁)
We came to this store around 10pm. Although it did not have any big signboard to support its store, it still has a simple homemade signboard with the typical Chinese characters “Shou Gong Bao”. This store is located at Jalan Sakeh and its just somehow right beside the Espresso Bar. 
This was my first visit to this store. I believe most of its customers would not actually go down, grab a seat, and eat over there. People tend to just stop their cars right in front of the stall and ordered the bun they wanted. When Ms. Photographer and I came to this store, we realized that there weren’t many options for us to choose. The boss even told us that, it would be bad for him if there are still many left overs.
其实我想买的是流沙包,但已卖完了。我只买了叉烧包,两种叉烧包,各一。一种是古早味叉烧包而另一种则是蜜汁口味。老板跟我们解释说了这两种包子的分别。港式口味的叉烧包表皮较软,而内陷也有着浓浓的蜜糖香味。老板说由于蜜汁叉烧包的成本较高,所以相对的它的内陷也会比传统叉烧包来得少。老板还说了这一款的叉烧包会比较适合小孩子食用。而传统叉烧包呢,它的内陷真的是粘粘稠稠的。你吃得到三层肉的油,也吃得到叉烧的甜。此外,古早味叉烧包是经过传统道地的揉搓而成,老板说这种叉烧包基本上在经过蒸馏之前和之后的差异并不大; 蜜汁叉烧包则需要把它捏成小小一团就可以了。
What I initially wanted to buy is the york custard bun (juicy juicy type), but it was sold out. I just bought two types of char siew bao (mixed pork bun): traditional and honey style. The boss explained to us that the HK style bun has a softer skin and the meat was marinated with honey. Since the cost of honey char siew bun is much higher if compared to the traditional one, the amount of meat is definitely lesser. This honey char siew bun is highly recommended to small kid since it is sweet and small. The traditional bun has a more sticky and juicy meat. You are able to have a try of fatness and sweetness of char siew. Besides, it is less sophisticated to process the honey char siew bun as it will just literally “expand” after steaming.
 Original Char Siew Pau 原味叉烧包

Honey Char Siew Pau 蜜汁叉烧包
*Focus on the skin, that makes the difference between honey and original char siew pau
 Vegetable Pau 菜包
 Big Pau 大包
 HK Style Custard Pau 港式奶黄包
 Salted Egg York Custard Pau 黄金流沙包
 Salted Egg York Custard Pau 黄金流沙包
I prefer the traditional bun more because it has more meat for me to eat. :P Besides, it also reminds me of the sweet and yummy taste of the char siew bao I used to eat when I was a small kid. This bun could actually last for 2 days if you keep it well in the fridge. You could just buy it, put it in the fridge and steam it whenever you feel like eating.

Handmade Pau (Jalan Sakeh)

Open daily

Operating hours: 6:30am-10am & 6:30pm-11pm

Contact number: 010-544 4623

Location: Jalan Sakeh, Muar. (Near to the T-junction of Jalan Sakeh and Jalan Sungai Abong)

GPS Coordinates: 2.056472, 102.58525

Written by: LTL
Photograph by: STT

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